"Completing Streets for Better Communities"

Presented by Becky Whelan, Corporate Business Developer, Victor Stanley

Landscape Architect’s and ASLA’s continued advocacy for this important change in transportation and public health policy resulted in the first federal transportation bill to include Complete Street provisions in 2015. We will begin by looking at how and why the street evolved as an important part of our social and transportation systems to a deeper look at the Federal transportation bill’s objectives. This presentation will broaden the topic beyond design specifications and local policy to suggest how landscape architects can create streets and places that go beyond “Complete”. 

“Introduction to the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES)”

Presented by Linda K. Smith, LEED Green Associate, Director, Community-Arkansas and Oklahoma U.S. Green Building Council, Little Rock, AR

The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) is a program based on the understanding that land is crucial component of the built environment and can be planned, designed, developed, and maintained to avoid, mitigate, and even reverse detrimental environmental impacts. This webinar will provide an introduction to SITES and discuss its benefit, principles and goals.

“Park System Strategic Planning”

Presented by Ted Jack, Park Planning Superintendent, City of Fayetteville, PLA Louisiana

Mr. Jack will explain land planning for a larger system of parks, and define what is park system planning and strategic planning compared to park specific master planning.

“Designing the Outdoor Room: Insights into the Planning and Value of the Activated Outdoor Space”

Presented by Lara Moffat, ASLA, Landscape Forms

The purpose of this course is to provide inspirational tools that promote conversation and open minds (and funding) for more comprehensive outdoor spaces. We will examine the critical role that site furnishings and supporting technology play in meeting the unique and evolving needs of outdoor space, by presenting and exploring insights and solutions in a range of outdoor environments - from college, healthcare, and corporate campuses, to transit, living and recreational spaces. We believe outdoor space has the ability to connect people with nature and each other in meaningful ways and that this potential can be optimized with smart site furnishing and supporting technology applications.